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Channeled Messages for Transformation

Updated: Feb 4

5/24/23 This is a summary of a meeting introducing Lorn and their mission:

  • Lorn introduced themselves and explained that they came to Earth to assist humans in remembering who they are and to help with the transformation process into higher frequencies.

  • Lorn explains that they have been offering their assistance and love to humans for many years, and that the planet and individuals are going through a shift to higher frequencies. The shift is happening at a rapid pace and more assistance is being called upon and offered.

  • Lorn emphasized the importance of love as the only thing necessary for all humans to know and connect with their true selves.Lorn also reminded everyone that they are divine creators and are responsible for creating their own lives.

  • Lorn discussed the idea that everything in life is created by oneself and there is a reason for each creation. They also emphasized the importance of laughing and having fun in life.

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