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Below are some different descriptions from individuals who have experienced group or individual sessions with Lorn (note that though Lorn is a group of entities with no gender some people think of them as male or female and use pronouns in their reviews):

"I was filled with comfort listening to the messages, and experienced an intense feeling of spiritual love. A wisdom was shared that was not of this world. Powerful. Intense. Fueled me with energy and hope"

"Lorn is a gentle, loving  presence who addresses each question with a wise sensitivity and higher knowledge."


"Lorn is kind, loving, fun, welcoming, and creates a warm, healing, and supportive space where we can bring our full authentic selves. Lorn gently offers the guidance we seek through their loving responses to our inquires. I always leave my sessions inspired, grateful, and connected. What I learn in the sessions helps me to move away from fear and towards love in every aspect of my life"

"What impressed me so much was that none of the participants had ever met Lorn before yet the information she gave to each of us was very personal, pertinent, and specific. I also enjoyed her sense of humor"

"I felt very loved and filled with peace"

"I feel calmer, more open and loving, less agitated and worried." 

"Lorn's advice has helped me shift my perceptions, be more accepting of what is."

"Individual sessions are so powerful !! I love the group ones but the individual sessions are next level!"



"The entity that Lynn channels who calls himself Lorn is loving, healing, wise, humorous, and has the power to transform a seemingly negative issue into a positive.  I have experienced deep and profound healings in both private and group sessions with Lynn and Lorn."

"I feel more at peace. Lorn's advice has helped me shift my perceptions, be more accepting of what is."




"I had some specific questions about my body, business, and direction in relationships. Lorn was empathetic and offered daily practices and insights for me to start feeling into the love I have often withheld from myself. They encouraged me to feel more love especially in areas where I have convinced myself love is not possible."

"Lynn is so loving and open. You can tell her anything big or small. I have received immense peace from her sessions."



"When I first met with Lynn and Lorn, I have to say I was a bit skeptical as I had never had any experience with channeling before.   The first feeling that I got was an overwhelming sense of love.  It just felt as though I was being washed in love during that session and ever since.  He helped me resolve issues that I have had in my life, by giving me information, but also steering me towards knowing how to draw upon my inner guidance. "

"I do love the sessions. They are so positive and I always feel better after them."

"The individual session is more in depth of the same gentle, healing -highest level of information possible. There is a tangible feeling of being healed of emotional pain and sorrow. At the same time there is this gentle humor."

"I have a different perspective no matter what  is happening in the world. I feel more joyful following each time with Lorn.

These are sweet loving sessions to help you connect with yourself and expand your belief that there is so much love out there to connect with. Lorn is positive and I always leave the sessions feeling warmer inside. I don't even think that one needs to believe that there are beings/energy out there to feel the benefits of being with Lorn."

"Lynn and Lorn gave meaningful advice with humor and love."

"The one-on-one session was great. Both Lynn and Lorn are gentle beings with a sense of humor and loving attitudes. The group session are wonderful as all of the participants are kind and supportive."

"I have been more at peace with what is and more accepting of myself"

"In individual sessions there is a deeper perspective around what is going on in a particular area for me. Group sessions are a little bit more general and supportive. Both are very helpful."

"I feel calmer, more open and loving, less agitated and worried."

"I feel so blessed to have found Lynn and Lorn. What a gift to feel energies from beyond and be reminded that those energies are around us and within us. It feels like a returning to the true home within the self, and it's wonderful to be in community with others."


"When Lorn speaks to you, he does not analyze your problems or give advice. What he offers is a simple message about you that can counter doubts and negative programming coming up in your life. The message works because it is true."


"I greatly appreciate the direct and loving tone of Lorn, as well as Lynn's ability to provide this service within the context of love and support. I am very grateful."

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