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Tips for Channeling Sessions

During sessions Lynn is fully conscious and just allows the words and energy to come through. Feel free to ask any question as specifically as you can. Much of their assistance happens on an energetic level and words are not important. Sometimes Lorn will use sounds (toning and light language) to communicate on a deeper level bypassing the mind. You may want to plan some questions that come from the heart. Focusing on your growth is most beneficial. (For example, instead of "when will I meet my soulmate?" you might ask "What is blocking me from connecting to a loving relationship"). Lorn’s focus is guiding you on your path, helping you let go of blocks and to help you to connect to your heart or higher self.  


Although Lorn is happy to answer questions usually what is more important is the shifting of energy and underlying belief systems that keep people stuck. If you are in a group you may find your questions are answered through other peoples questions.


At times Lorn stops talking.  Sometimes they are trying to find the right wording; other times they are working with your energy. The best thing to do during those times is just focus on your breath and notice how the energy feels in your body or notice any insights that might be coming up and wait for Lorn to continue talking.


At times Lorn may seem repetitive and even repeat a sentence 3 times.  This repetition is to help you take the message in on a deeper level.  


Remember you are in charge of your life and never give your power away to other beings (human or otherwise).  Take what resonates with you and if it doesn’t let it go.  


Lorn often uses humor.  Laughter helps raise your vibration.  Enjoy the session!

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