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Transformational Channeling

Channeling for Healing and Insight
Channeled Readings, Spiritual Coaching and Long Distant Healing includingToning, Light Language and Reiki


Are you looking for spiritual guidance and energetic healing? Perhaps a session with Lorn would help with your personal transformation. 

Lorn is a collection of spirit guides that are channeled through Lynn. They bring a message of love, hope, and connection, along with a willingness to explore what promotes happiness in us. They utilize laughter, energy, and words to help us see and experience a deeper integration of ourselves. They enjoy sharing their insights and connecting with us. 


Lorn is open to all questions and responds with love and energetic healing (including toning and light language).  


Toning is similar to chanting where the sound of a note brings through certain energies.


Light language is various sounds spoken like words that have a specific energetic vibration.  These sounds don't make sense to the mind but bypass the mind and is understood at a deeper level.  


Lynn is a Psychotherapist, Sound Healer and Reiki Master who began spontaneously channeling in 2005.  Individual and group sessions offered by Zoom, phone or in person in Seattle, WA 

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